Please read some of the testimonials from the participants from the Northumberland Creative Rural Parenting project.
“This project has helped me to look at what creative uses the rubbish we throw out or send to recycling has. I’ve learnt to make new things with my children. It’s been fun and very informative. I’ll be telling the other parents how to make the things we’ve made too. Thank you Dilly Arts!”
Creative Rural Parenting Participant
“The difference taking part in this DIlly Arts project has made to me and my child is that as my 2nd child has grown out of toddler groups, this has been an opportunity to spend 1:1 time with each other. I have been pleased how well my child as been able to apply himself and so obviously enjoy creative activities.”
“Its been wonderful to have the opportunity for playing and creating together with my child.”
“This project has given me lots of ideas for use of recycled materials and I’ll now be able to stay at home and do more activities with the children.”
“The best thing about taking part in this project has been spending 1:1 time with my child in a relaxed environment with equally relaxed people. – Thank you!”
“I’ve learnt how to creatively use recycled materials – more aware of environmental issues and recycling.”
“Spending an hour every Friday morning with my baby doing movement and dance together has been magical. In a busy world and with my other children its not always possible to focus purely on her. This project has given us the space and time with other parents and babies. Fantastic!”
“The best thing about this project for me and my kids has been coming together with other mums and children and creating new things. Thank you Dilly Arts.”
“The best thing about this Dilly Arts project has been seeing my daughter do creative work and playing with her.”
“Taking part in this Dilly Arts project has helped my child be more creative as it has given me inspiration to use things that would normally be overlooked as craft objects. It has also helped me to step back and let them create but I have found its not easy to keep them concentrating long enough to see a task through. It helped them in that way too.”
“For me and my children, the best thing about this Dilly Arts project has been that I love coming to Burnlaw, and so do the girls. I love getting new ideas both for myself and for craft time with them.”
“I’ve learnt a lot from this project, such as how to use everyday objects creatively and how to increase our outdoor learning too.”
“It’s been great getting my child enthusiastic about being creative and arts & crafts.”