Dilly Arts would like to thank Queen's Hall Hexham/ Queen's Hall Arts for part funding our current Creative Rural Parenting project in Allendale and Burnlaw – so far we've worked with 48 little people aged 6 weeks to 4 years (and their big people) across our two 5 week long courses – 'Creative Activities for Young Children and their Adults using discarded materials' with artist Emma Pace…. and 'Movement for Babies and their Adults' and 'Movement for Children and their Adults' with Jo Templey…. 4 weeks left to run with our movement courses on fridays (although we're full to overflowing…. so no more spaces left I'm afraid!!!)…. For more info on Dilly Arts, including our (usual) work in North East prisons and with families of prisoners please visit the Dilly Arts Facebook page and click 'like'….