Can any of our lovely friends help please?

****Do you have any children's story books you can donate to help young people with cancer during their stay in hospital in support of a new storytelling project with the Great North Children's Hospital? ****

A friend of mine sadly lost her only son Henry to osteosarcoma in 2010 when he was aged just 12 years.

Since Henry's death Jane has worked tirelessly in setting up a charity in Henry's name – the Henry Dancer Days charity was registered in 2012 (No. 1147982) to support families who include children 18 and under with Osteosarcoma – an aggressive bone cancer. They are based in North Durham and their Patron is Alan Shearer OBE DL. They work closely with CLIC Sargent and the Bone Cancer Research Trust in obtaining referrals for funding. Their website is:

Jane says "Before Henry died he had to use a wheelchair and his affected leg stuck out at 90 degrees from his body. He could not fit into our car, nor disabled friendly taxis. Transport was a huge issue and extremely costly. I have very happy memories of 2 trips to Henry's favourite restaurant Рspecialist transport alone cost £150 Рwe feel very fortunate in that we were supported by a charity who funded this". This in turn has led Jane to now support families from across the UK in similar circumstances through Henry Dancer Days.

To date Henry Dancer Days are supporting 52 families throughout the UK with funds for trips, transport and general hardship grants. As an example: certain young patients use our funds for laptops which enable them to skype friends and siblings during lengthy hospital stays; in other cases parents are unable to work and need support with transport costs to and from hospitals.

A recent letter from a 9 year old girl Henry Dancer Days supported in the RVI hospital Newcastle says it all:

"Thank you for making me so rich! My Mum started to cry but I think they were happy tears."

Henry Dancer Days are now developing further. From 2014, in addition to continuing to offer grants to Osteosarcoma families, they are extending to include people with Ewings Sarcoma (another bone cancer) and delivering projects which will be open to children with all forms of cancer in NE hospitals.

HERE'S WHERE HENRY DANCER DAYS NEEDS YOUR HELP PLEASE: Working closely with the Great North Children's Hospital they will commence with a storytelling project in the paediatric oncology ward: this is to distract children from their dreadful treatment and bring them a few minutes of fun. It will give carers a short break to gather their confused and painful thoughts too. However they DESPERATELY NEED CHILDREN'S BOOKS FOR ALL AGES IN DECENT CONDITION TO BE GIFTED PLEASE – short stories are preferable to ensure children finish the story during short stays and visits, but ALL BOOKS WILL BE VERY GRATEFULLY RECEIVED.

If you can help please donate your books via the following options.

1) If you are North East based, Henry Dancer Days can collect your books from you if you contact them via their website or to save the charity money you can send your books to the address below.

2) If you are based outside the North East please send your gift of children's books to:

Henry Dancer Days
The Black Horse Inn
Co Durham

If you'd like to make a donation to Henry Dancer Days or if you'd like to order a copy of Jane's book about Henry's story please also visit the website for details:

Thank you all so very much!

Love Ally xxxx

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Please contact for further info All young people with Osteosarcoma experience a huge change in life Рas does the whole family. Henry Dancer Days raises funds to help people who find themselves in the position we did with our 11 year old son. It's a small way of overcoming…